Council Support at Warmer Together Launch

Our ‘Warmer Together’ campaign, the first of its kind in the borough, launch event was supported by H&F Council. It brings together local residents and businesses to support projects that help to combat loneliness, get older people active or help ensure they are eating well through the cold months.

Cllr Ben Coleman at the Warmer Together Launch

The campaign is inviting the whole community to get involved, but is unique as it particularly focuses on people who receive the Government’s Winter Fuel Allowance and may not need it. Every resident over the age of 65 receives an allowance’ to help with the extra costs of heating their homes during the winter. Although this is a vital lifeline for some, there are many older people who may not need the allowance. Warmer Together is inviting those people to donate part, or all, of their allowance to the campaign.

“We have a great community spirit in our borough,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, Deputy Leader of H&F Council. “This campaign is a wonderful way to bring people together to support our neighbours. Every penny raised will go towards local community projects that help older residents.”


Launch event

Warmer Together was launched at a special Christmas lunch at the Fulham Lunch Club, run by local befriending charity Fulham Good Neighbours, the first recipient of a Warmer Together grant. Its many projects that help to alleviate social isolation and loneliness for older people.

Director, Krzystof Mikata-Pralat, said: “The Warmer Together campaign will enable more older people to be supported and make new friends throughout the cold months.”

Cllr Ben Coleman also spoke at the launch event, and said: “Seeing communities get together, people of all ages, and supporting the Warmer Together campaign, it’s a good thing and something I’m very, very happy to have the opportunity to see”.

A pensioner reads about Warmer Together at the launch

Can you give a gift today?

Are you a local business? Someone who received a Winter Fuel Allowance you don’t need? Or someone who would like to fundraise to start the year in support of older neighbours in need? Visit the Warmer Together page for details on how to give.

Tim Hughes, Warmer Together Donor, spoke at the launch “I’ve retired and was notified that I would receive the winter fuel allowance; £200 from the Government… I have a pension, and decided I didn’t need this extra money”