Food Workshops and Lunches for the Elderly

My name is Lise Aanes and I am a healing diet practitioner and chef with a background in nutrition from the School of Natural Medicine UK. I live in Fulham and I cater for events and host cooking workshops under my own brand Alien Seas Nutrition. My wish is to awaken people’s natural ability to self heal through the use of diet, natural supplements, herbs and natural detoxification.

I come from a small town in rural Norway and grew up in a close-knit community. I moved to London four years ago and I sometimes miss the sense of connection you have when you live in a small neighbourhood.

Some time ago my grandmother suffered a stroke and although it is a common health scare it can be prevented by the right diet.  I came up with an idea to develop food workshops for the elderly where they can come together for fellowship and to learn about healthy diet. My hope is to help people like my grandmother.

I organise healthy lunchtime food events to combat illness and loneliness in the elderly through food. United provided me with the financial support but I also benefit from a pro bono advice from my mentor who is a local resident and a lawyer.

Every event has a separate theme and I prepare homemade food related to that theme. My guests enjoy the food and get recipes which they can then try at home. We make healthy smoothies together and learn which food is good for your bone density, cognitive function and balanced blood pressure. Attendees are encouraged to share stories about their health, favourite foods and what challenges they have when it comes to healthy eating.

I have been very lucky to find The Hampshire Hog Pub & Pantry in Hammersmith who provide space for us. They are wonderful and their staff is very helpful and friendly. We have hosted two lunches so far and it was fantastic to meet new people, hear their stories and present them with foods they have never thought of trying before. I treated them to a butternut squash stew. And my home made kombucha went down surprisingly well!