Summer ‘Get Togethers’

Make new connections and learn about one another. #moreincommon

We are delighted to offer small grants this summer, to organise picnics, street parties, lunches, sporting events, fun days and other community activities with and for their neighbours. This is inspired by the national Great Get Together inspired by Jo Cox, we expect people to take part for many different reasons.

We particularly encourage people who want to use these events to reduce social isolation and loneliness in Hammersmith & Fulham by developing new relationships across diverse faiths, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. Our main aim is to give people an opportunity to make new connections and learn about one another through the process of organising a very local event – and then enjoying it.

We know that loneliness and isolation can contribute to poor physical and mental health.  So, whether you want to organise a tea party to introduce the older people in a street to the younger families living there; bring new people from the surrounding area into your community centre for lunch, or a joint picnic between two places of worship representing different faiths – this is for you.

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You can quick apply using the button below, or scroll down for more about the Criteria and Process.

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If you’re succesful, you can also click here to download and customise a Get Together poster to promote your event. 

We are grateful to our donors Doctor Edwards and Bishop King’s Fulham Charity and Hammersmith United Charities for the past two years, and the McGrath Charitable Trust and Hammersmith & Fulham Council in 2019, all enabling this programme of giving.

Criteria and How to Apply

Important information

Grants are available for events and activities which:

• Bring together people who live, work, study or play in Hammersmith and Fulham
• Take place in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and involve local people
• Are inclusive and open
• Are organised by a small group (formal or informal) of local people

Grants will usually be in the range of £50 - £200 but get in touch if you would like to discuss something bigger.

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Application form

We ask applicants to fill in a simple application form including information about:

• who is organising the event
• what will happen
• who will be invited
• how the event will be promoted
• the budget

We welcome applications from charitable organisations, ethnic organisations, faith institutions, tenants and residents associations, and other local groups of people.

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