What we do

We want people who live, work and play in Hammersmith and Fulham to have fulfilling lives. Working with local residents, businesses and organisations, we want to create communities and neighbourhoods in which people feel safe, valued and connected.


Our aim is to raise awareness about the great talents and assets that exist in our community. We want to support local projects and people who develop new and innovative ideas that bring their neighbours together and make their lives better.

We want to shine a light on the challenges people face living and working in one of the most affluent but also most unequal boroughs in London.

Building new networks and partnerships

You know that feeling when people who share a passion meet and discover how much they can do together? That is when magic happens.

We want to act as a facilitator and catalyst for new collaborative projects. We want to bring together local residents, businesses, faith institutions, schools and organisations who care about Hammersmith and Fulham and its people and see benefit in developing local projects and initiatives.

Encourage local giving

We are part of a growing movement of local giving initiatives in London. Local giving benefits everyone – the people who give as well as those who receive support.

We will raise money to support local charitable projects and all of that money will be spent on those projects.

We also encourage other forms of giving including volunteering, mentoring, professional pro bono advice and in-kind support.

Funding local solutions

We give grants to local charitable projects that are run and developed by local people and benefit their neighbours and communities in all of Hammersmith and Fulham.