Our Communities

Rich in natural and cultural assets.

Our borough, the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham was formed in 1965, although the origins are ancient (Fulham as a parish dates back to the early 12th Century). Today, we are home to around 182,000 people – including the second-highest proportion of single adults in any borough in England and Wales and one of London’s highest proportion of people in their 20s. 

We are rich in natural and cultural assets. We host three professional football clubs, two theatres and four international rowing races. We are highly diverse, demographically, socially and economically – major cultural organisations represent diaspora communities from large French, Polish, Somali, Portuguese and Irish communities as well as black Caribbean and African, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Chinese residents. We are home to mosques and churches for specific national communities. We host the UK headquarters of several major national and international companies, including L’Oreal and Walt Disney, as well as a thriving local street market and Westfield shopping centre. Significant development is bringing new corporate headquarters to White City and Old Oak, especially from the media sector. Imperial College is also developing a major new campus here.

The 2015 official Index of Deprivation shows that Hammersmith & Fulham is 37th (out of 326) most deprived district in terms of child poverty, and the 17th most income deprived in terms of older people. We have the busiest foodbank in London. But we are also home to several private schools including the country’s top girls’ school.

We have a thriving voluntary and community sector including over 500 grassroots groups serving specific geographic and ethnic communities. There is a CVS and volunteer centre and one of the highest rates of volunteering in London. We have a strong tradition of place-based action focused around a network of community centres.

Our densely populated, youthful and cosmopolitan borough is our home, UNITED’s place of work.