Humans of Hammersmith & Fulham 2020

Inspiring belonging, discussion and sharing

For the past year, we at United have met with hundreds of people who live work and play in our London borough. Central to this work has been the ongoing collection of photographs and interviews in collaboration with portrait photographer Nahwand Jaff, to form a living catalogue of individuals from Old Oak to Sands End.

Humans of Hammersmith & Fulham 2020 is an exhibition that presents these faces and words, bringing to you strangers who are neighbours in many ways. We hope that it will take away prejudice and exclusion, and inspire belonging, discussion and sharing.

Tour dates 2020

Update 18/03/2020: we will update the schedule following official advice re Coronavirus (Covid-19).

  • 24 January – 22 February – Lyric Theatre (Stalls Foyer), Lyric Square, Hammersmith W6 0QL
  • 25 February – until early summer – Black Lion (Skittle Alley), 2 S Black Lion Ln, Hammersmith W6 9TJ
  • Date postponed – Fulham Palace (Historical Rooms), Bishop’s Ave, Fulham, SW6 6EA
  • More dates to be released until December

Nahwand Jaff is self taught portrait and documentary photographer. He likes to focus his personal projects on capturing people in real life environments. Authenticity is important to Nahwand; he sees the process as a joint endeavour between himself and his subject.

Would you like to be a human, too?

If you want to be part of this project click here to let us know more about you, mentioning that you want to be a Human of Hammersmith & Fulham. We will respond as soon as possible. At present we photograph once a month at most due to exhibition activity, so it can depend on if our calendars match up. We particularly encourage responses from residents and workers in College Park & Old Oak, Wormholt & White City, Sands End, Fulham Reach, Palace Riverside, and Parsons Green and Walham.


Where will my photograph be taken?

Anywhere that is available without interruptions. It could be your place of work or a public space, such as a park, library or your high street.

What will you ask in my interview?

A small number of questions; for example, about your life or your favourite memory of the borough. It varies for each individual.

How long will it take?

A typical session is 5-15 minutes long, depending on light conditions.

I’m under 18, can I take part?

Only if your parent or guardian attends, understands what the image is going to be used for, and completes a consent form in writing.


The Team

  • Concept, Design & Production by Savraj Kaur
  • Portrait photography by Nahwand Jaff
  • Exhibition Curatorial Consulting by Kate Walter
  • Digital Curation by Gaia Bini


Many thanks to all our volunteers and the Board of Trustees for their support, too.


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