Louise Jones

Community Grants Panellist

Louise has lived in the area for 15 years. She is actively involved in the community, having volunteered for various charities and groups locally, and runs two businesses while raising her children. She believes that local community has become even more important to us throughout covid and that is is a real privilege to to help organisations that are benefitting the diverse community around us.

60 seconds with Louise

What causes are you passionate about?

I work with young families and have a family of my own so I am proud to champion the youngest in the borough.  I’ve also volunteered in food banks and homeless kitchens and feel passionate about helping the most vulnerable in our community.

Who do you admire locally?

All the teachers at our wonderful schools who have worked tirelessly and often without thanks throughout the pandemic to do their best for our children.

Who do you admire internationally?

Frida Kahlo for overcoming adversity, being herself, and because I love her paintings.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

It is better to try something and fail than not try at all.

What’s your favourite spot in the borough?

Walking along the river in all seasons and all weathers. It’s calming and beautiful and I love the mix of old and new buildings.